Woodward Brushes ‘Threat’ Aside: A ‘Sideshow’ to Take Focus off W.H. and the Sequester

by Andrew Johnson

Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward dismissed the reaction to his claim that the White House had intimidated him, saying that the reaction has taken the focus off of the point he was making. Woodward told the Today Show’s Matt Laeur this morning that the sequester cuts “make no sense” and were President Obama’s idea. “He’s the one who started it, he’s the one who proposed it, people need to know that,” he emphasized. He repeated that he believes the president has “moved the goalposts” on the sequester.

“This is the old trick in the book of making the press or some confrontation with the press the issue rather than what the White House has done here,” Woodward added, calling the reaction to his exchange with White House official Gene Sperling a “sideshow” to the more serious issue at hand. He also clarified that he never called Sperling’s e-mail “a threat.”

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