Andrew, A Year Later

by Jonah Goldberg

It was a year ago today that we got the news Andrew Breitbart had died (it’s a doubly unhappy date for me because it’s also my late father’s birthday). I have nothing new to say about my friend. He was a happy warrior none of us wanted to see leave the battlefield (you can’t say the same of all of his opponents). I still haven’t erased his voicemails or his text messages. And, I’m sure he’d think it’s funny, I still use the dopp kit he left at my house almost a decade ago after staying over. For a while he used to say, “I need to get that back” at first sincerely, then as a long running joke that was probably only funny to us.

Anyway, I must say I’m really pleased how so many people have kept his memory alive. Lots of people say they’ll do that, but pretty soon the efforts fade. Not so with Andrew. His name still comes up all of the time. Mark Steyn, Rob Long and I toasted him on stage at the NRI summit (though if he were still around you’ve got to admit it would have been so much more fun to roast him). My Twitter feed is still full of pictures of him. The Web is lit up with remembrances like this one.

Andrew liked to say that if you can’t sell freedom and liberty: You suck.  It’s not quite the missing urbanity and wit of William F. Buckley that we were pining for the other day. But Bill would endorse the sentiment (and it would’ve been hilarious to hear WFB say that. “Uh, I put to you sir that if you cannot sell liberty and freedom . . .”). I like to think Andrew was right about that. But some days I wonder. Indeed, it would have been worth hearing what Andrew would say about people unwilling to buy freedom and liberty at any price. 

I miss him. 

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