by Andrew Stuttaford

The Economist reports on the latest moves by Golden Dawn, the neo-Nazi party rising out of the rubble of the Greek economy:

Golden Dawn is targeting pupils at primary schools. Its official website recently hosted pictures of neatly-dressed 6 to ten-year-olds, accompanied by parents, at a  “national awakening” session held  at a Golden Dawn branch office outside Athens. The session included a discussion on “the Olympian gods, the ancient Greek pantheon and the Christian faith”. More such lessons are planned, says the party. …Opinion polls show support for Golden Dawn jumped from 6.9% to 11.5% soon after it entered parliament for the first time at last June’s general election. It has remained steady for several months.  The party’s characteristics are violent racism (demonstrated by scores of attacks against immigrants), anti-semitic rhetoric and a “social action programme”  for the need, but only those who can  produce  a Greek identity card.  The party’s ambitions go much further, as the move into schools testifies.  Dozens of new Golden Dawn offices in provincial towns stage events designed to attract new supporters. Torch-lit gatherings and talks on Greek history with a fascist slant are popular.  Selected members undergo military-style training at weekends.  Volunteers support a blood bank, only for Greeks…

The hints of a parallel state are all too ominous.

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