S. E. Cupp

by Maggie Gallagher

S. E. Cupp went from writing a book in which she opposed gay marriage, to endorsing a brief asking the Supreme Court to impose gay marriage on all 50 states — in the blink of an eye.

I’ve googled to try to understand this transition. Some are criticizing her.

I want to know: Do you know where she’s explained why she thinks our Constitution requires gay marriage?

UPDATES. E. Cupp wrote to me to make it clear she has long been an ardent supporter of gay rights and that neither of her books opposes gay marriage (she criticizes President Obama and the media in a way that I recalled as opposing gay marriage — I’ll go and re-read and see if I was flat out wrong. She wrote the book, she should be right):

I do not say I oppose gay marriage in either book, and have been a staunch and vocal supporter of gay rights for years, as is evidenced by a number of columns. It’s true that in one column, written four years ago, I did make a distinction between gay marriage and civil unions, and wrote that I “strongly oppose gay marriage” but “do support civil unions, and giving gay couples all the rights of heterosexual couples, including health care, custodial rights and adoption rights.” While I have always believed gay couples should enjoy the same benefits as heterosexual couples, since then I have also decided that a ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional and prejudicial.

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