Re: Concrete Clarity

by Michael Walsh

Andrew: A far better man than Stalin also died 60 years today, not only in the same city, but just a few blocks from the Kremlin: Serge Prokofiev, a man who willingly returned to the Soviet Union after a successful career in the West only to find himself harassed and intimidated by Stalin, Zhdanov, Tikhon Khrennikov, and the rest of the Communist thugs who benighted Mother Russia with their baleful presence for the better part of a century. 

Here’s the great Martha Argerich performing the Prokofiev Toccata. Or you can watch and listen to a bit of his Romeo and Juliet ballet here. Both of which far outweigh anything Djugashvilli ever accomplished for humanity, and without a single loss of life. (And don’t give me the Great Patriotic War — Zhukov won that.)

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