WaPo Lashes Out at OFA: ‘Should Be Renamed Paying for Access’

by Andrew Johnson

The Washington Post’s editorial board is the latest to voice concern over Organizing For America’s reported pay-for-access policy. While the Post’s editors have no problem with OFA’s goal of of utilizing the Obama campaign’s impressive grassroots operation, it’s “how the Obama people are going about it [that] stinks.”

The Post takes issue with OFA’s murky and unclear relationship with the president and his administration, particularly the reported offer to attend quarterly meetings with the president to donors of $500,000 or more; “That will give big donors the chance to ask Mr. Obama about a pet project or appointment,” the Post writes, and quips that the OFA “should be renamed Paying for Access.” The editorial concludes by reminding the president of his former campaign promise:

The president ought to resist the sweet perfume of this money and grab the smelling salts. He was the one who a few years ago warned us of “a new stampede of special-interest money in our politics.” Now Mr. Obama seems to be leading the stampede.

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