Trump Speech Announcement Boosts CPAC Ticket Sales

by Katrina Trinko

Donald Trump is bringing one crucial component to CPAC: commercial starpower.

Trump, who has publicly raised doubts about President Obama’s birthplace, is already a controversial choice of speaker for the conservative conference, thanks to his history of not-so-conservative positions and donations to Democrats. 

But the Donald has his fans — and they’re willing to pay up to be in the same room with him. 

According to one source close to CPAC, ticket sales had a sharp upward spike after Trump’s speech was announced.  He’s not the only crowd-generator slated to speak: sales also increased when it was announced that Sarah Palin would speak. 

Two members of the American Conservative Union board, which oversees CPAC, confirmed to National Review that they had not been asked their opinion about nor notified that Trump would be speaking prior to the public announcement.

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