12 Hours, 54 Minutes

by Daniel Foster

A few minutes ago the junior senator from Kentucky yielded the floor — to heed natures call. In the end, ’twas the bladder that killed the ‘buster. 

When he yielded, Paul was greeted with a standing ovation from the observation gallery. The chair banged his gavel and called repeatedly for order, reminded those in attendance that expressions of approval or disapproval are not allowed in the United States Senate. 

A lot of things that don’t usually happen in the United States Senate happened tonight, and wherever you stand on the merits, it was pretty cool to watch. 

As for what happens next, Paul told reporters that his office has been in steady contact with the White House, and that he expects a substantive response from the president on due process and domestic drone strikes. I have to think the presidency of the United States has always required erecting vast bulwarks against the capacity to feel shame. But . . .

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