Ga. Town Pushes to Make Gun Ownership a Requirement

by Andrew Johnson

While some national lawmakers are pushing for limits on gun ownership, a Georgia city council may make ownership mandatory. Nelson, a town of just over 1,300, has only one on-duty police officer for eight hours a day and relies on county sheriffs when its officer is off for the night. But because it’s located in two different counties, sheriffs can take a long time to respond, so members of the council believe there is a compelling interest to make sure residents can properly defend themselves.

“It’s a deterrent ordinance,” said the councilman who proposed the law. “It tells the potential intruder you better think twice.” While the law will have some exceptions, such as for felons and those mentally unfit to own a gun, most citizens would be required to have a gun at home. Some supporters like the law and want to see it expanded even further, while detractors feel that forcing citizens to own a firearm is “big government at its worst.”

The council will meet again on the first of next month to decide on making the proposal law.

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