A Window into the Cardinal’s Sessions

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

New York’s Cardinal Dolan shared today on the Catholic Channel on Sirius:

Something that stood out today, when you talk about the Fridays of Lent as a day of particular self-denial. …  It dawned on me today, the presence of the true confessors of the faith.  I hope we’re all confessors of the faith.  You know what that means, somebody who particularly radiates and defends the faith under trial.  But here we’ve got the Cardinal of Vietnam.  Here we’ve got two Cardinals from China.  Here we’ve got two Cardinals from Nigeria who were speaking about the situation of the Church in their country.  As many problems as we have in the United States – and Lord knows we’ve got a wheelbarrow full of challenges – when you look at some of the difficulties that the Church is experiencing in other parts of the World, not only do I pray hard for them, I pray in gratitude for what we’ve got.

About the schedule of deliberations he said: “I think tomorrow, Saturday, may be the last day.  That’s certainly not my decision.  That’s to the congregation.  But I’m sensing, perhaps, I’m sensing a hope that we may be able to wrap up the meetings by tomorrow, on Saturday.  Stay tuned… I miss New York.” 

Not a man sounding like he is itching to be pope. 

On a lighter note, he added that he’s running out of socks. 

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