The Assassination Bureau

by Michael Walsh

Thanks to Kevin for his observations and conclusions regarding Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster. Needless to say, I am squarely in the Williamson camp on this one: The notion that a president of the United States could authorize the assassination of a fellow citizen on his own toot, with no judicial scrutiny or due process, ought to be repugnant to every American. It simply cannot be countenanced. 

For my money, though, the best part of Paul’s marathon was the rage it’s engendered in the breasts of Senators McCain and Graham, who were merrily dining with McCain’s 2008 opponent while Paul was defending liberty and the Constitution. It’s long past time for McCain to step off the national stage. His graceless insulting of Paul, Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Justin Amash as “wacko birds” shows what an embarrassment he has become to the GOP:

“They were elected, nobody believes that there was a corrupt election, anything else,” McCain said. “But I also think that when, you know, it’s always the wacko birds on right and left that get the media megaphone.” 

Asked to clarify, McCain said he was referencing ”Rand Paul, Cruz, Amash, whoever.”

Whatever. In any case, McCain certainly knows a thing or two about the media megaphone, that’s for sure. I especially enjoyed Paul’s response:

They think the whole world is a battlefield, including America, and that the laws of war should apply…I don’t think the laws of war apply to America, I think the Bill of Rights do and I think it’s a disservice to our soldiers that our senators up there arguing that the Bill of Rights aren’t important.

Which raises another point: if the “War on Terror” really is a war, then prosecute it fully and ruthlessly, the way we did World War II, instead of abandoning Iraq and Afghanistan to their inevitable fates as sharia-complaint Muslim “states” that are really just geographic formalities in the overall context of the ummah. But no, people like McCain would rather curtail civil liberties here at home than face the logical consequences of their rhetoric. 

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