It’s Always Zero, Until It Isn’t

by Kevin D. Williamson


Andy’s piece today begins:

It was Wednesday, shortly before Senator Rand Paul’s bravura 13-hour filibuster, the Jimmy Stewart star turn in Paul’s crusade to have the Constitution ban a bogeyman of his own making: the killing of American citizens on American soil by America’s armed forces — a scandal that clearly cries out for action, having occurred exactly zero times in the 20 years since jihadists commenced hostilities by bombing the World Trade Center.

That reminded me a little of Andy’s November 2010 observation:

Zero. If you’re keeping score, that would be the number of American citizens assassinated so far by President Obama.

Now the number is more than zero. Andy’s 2010 article has been overtaken by events. I hope his 2013 article is not.

Andy in 2010:

Congress is free to repeal the AUMF — it would probably have to override a presidential veto to do so, but if Mr. Williamson’s assassination-list nightmare were a reality, the numbers for that would be there. . . .  A president who really did the horrific things Mr. Williamson imagines President Obama doing would find his war authorization rescinded, his military and intelligence services defunded, and himself impeached. A president guilty of less heinous excesses might not be impeached, but he would find his popular support dramatically eroded.

Andy’s inevitabilities seem to be running on a relaxed schedule. Not only is the presence of President Obama’s assassination list insufficient to get Congress to support repealing the AUMF, it isn’t even enough to get Andy to support doing so.

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