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Bloomberg Spins Soda-Size Ban as ‘Portion Control’; Thinks Obama Should Golf More


New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg assured Face the Nation’s Bob Schieffer that his soft-drink size restriction that goes into effect this week is just “portion control,” and not a ban. He said that while both companies and governments use portion control to some extent, government “is reminding you what’s in your interest” as opposed to companies motivated by profits. He also told New Yorkers that “it’s totally your choice” how much soda you want to have, as long as they are willing to make multiple purchases of 16-ounce sodas.

As part of the president’s recent “charm offensive,” Bloomberg also encouraged him to go out to more dinners and golf more with Republican lawmakers. This comes after the president invited a group of 12 GOP senators to dinner this week to discuss the nation’s fiscal issues.


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