The Difference an American Will Make

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Rome  Both Cardinals Dolan and O’Malley have been encouraging the Catholic Voices project I’ve been working on with my friend Kim Daniels here in the U.S. The reason being, among other things: They appreciate the urgency of lay Catholic engagement in the public square. Theirs is a vision based on the reality of Vatican II, one Pope Benedict very much echoed as he wrapped up his papacy by reintroducing to the world messages that had come out of the Council. With either one of them as pope, there would be no question that faithful, lay, sacramentally infused life in the public square is at the heart of the Church and her mandate and her and the world’s needs.

Here’s more about Catholic Voices in this video put out by the project’s founders, Austen Ivereigh and Jack Valero:

I hope to write more about this in coming days, especially about the inspiring weekend of work I had before hitting the road to Rome. 

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