Erased from History, Alas . . .

by Andrew C. McCarthy

That’s what you get for failing to return a reporter’s phone calls. From this morning’s Wall Street Journal profile of my former boss Mary Jo White, President Obama’s nominee to run the SEC: 


Ms. White, Mr. [Robert] Khuzami and another prosecutor made the case for indicting the cleric [i.e., Omar Abdel Rahman, the "Blind Sheikh"] for the [terrorism] plot at a high-level meeting at the Justice Department in Washington, according to people familiar with the meeting.

At least two Justice Department officials raised concerns that the case infringed on the sheik’s First Amendment rights to free speech.

Ms. White got the go-ahead from the administration. After the meeting, she turned to the attorneys who would handle the case and said: “All right, now you better win,” according to Mr. Khuzami.

Soon after, she charged Mr. Abdel Rahman with violating a Civil War-era statute outlawing plots against the U.S., a law that had been used only once in the modern era. In October 1995, a federal jury convicted Mr. Abdel Rahman for the bomb plot.

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