Get With the Beat

by Mark Steyn

I wrote below about Saturday night’s debate at University College, London, at which the audience was segregated by sex. What happens, though, if the chicks get a little uppity at being forced to sit at the back of the room? In the latest edition of his book Islam: Balancing Life And Beyond, Suhail Kapoor provides some useful advice:

In a chapter, entitled “Does Islam Allow Wife Beating?” Kapoor outlines the circumstances under which it is appropriate for a man to punish his wife using “light” slaps on the wrist with a small wooden stick.

The book appears with a congratulatory blurb from the Ontario Minister of Labour (and President of the Ontario Liberal Party) hailing Mr Kapoor for promoting “tolerance, understanding and respect”.

The minister is now pleading ignorance.

Like any relationship, the ever closer Islamo-leftist alliance has its ups and downs. But nothing a few “light slaps” with the wooden stick can’t cure.

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