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On 75th Anniversary of Anschluss, Many Austrians Still Think Hitler ‘Not All Bad’


Today is the 75th anniversary of “Anschluss,” the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany. Although the unification of Germany and Austria was prohibited by the Treaty of Versailles, none of the allied nations took a stand against Hitler’s expansion. Austrians contributed heavily to Hitler’s war crimes — they made up just 8 percent of the population of the Third Reich but 13 percent of the SS hailed from Austria, and 75 percent of the commanders of concentration camps and 40 percent of the camps’ staff were Austrian.

In related news, a recent poll conducted by Der Standard for the anniversary has yielded disturbing results: 42 percent of Austrians still believe that “not everything was bad under Hitler,” and 61 percent would be happy with the return to a “strong leader” who would not have to contend with other political parties.


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