Quebec’s $7 Million Anti-Homophobia Campaign

by Nathaniel Botwinick

The government of Quebec has launched a $7 million, five-year campaign to eliminate homophobia in the province. Its opening portion consists of a coordinated Internet and television ad campaign. According to Martine Delgrave, who oversaw the creation of the advertisements featuring a variety of situations involving gay Canadians, “Our idea for a first campaign was to shed some light, to have some awareness about how open we really are.” There have been several complaints filed with Quebec’s government over some of the ads and over the use of government funds on the initiative. The government has also created an interactive website asking, “Are you really open?” It asks whether you are bothered “not at all,” “a little,” or “a lot” by a series of scenarios. The first one is: “This little guy loves books, dinosaurs, and movies. This little guy loves his two mommies. Does this bother you?” 

Via the Globe and Mail.

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