Rubio Calls for Changes to Egypt Aid

by Nathaniel Botwinick

On the Senate floor this afternoon, Senator Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) introduced an amendment to attach conditions to our foreign aid to Egypt. He said that while he understands the concerns of people who wonder why we send money abroad while Americans are enduring tough economic times, foreign aid is vital because it “has accomplished a tremendous amount of good around the world” and “increases our influence.” As he did in a recent Corner post, Rubio argued that foreign aid, rather than being charity, is “designed to further our national interests.”

He explained that the ruling party in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, has a “deeply troubling” ideology and has undermined Egypt’s democratic institutions, its judiciary, and women’s rights. We should also be concerned, he said, about “Egypt’s ability or willingness to live up to their security arrangements with their neighbors, particularly our strong allies in Israel.” The senator wants to “ensure Egypt moves towards a direction of true democracy” by establishing benchmarks on economic reforms, political reforms, and human rights that Egypt must meet before America sends its financial support.

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