House Republicans Challenge Obama on the Budget, Sequestration, and Energy

by Robert Costa

President Obama is meeting with House Republicans at the Capitol. According to GOP sources, members are challenging him on a variety of issues. 

Representative James Lankford (R., Okla.) spoke up and talked about the Ryan budget. He urged the president to support a budget that balances in a decade.

Representative Dave Camp (R., Mich.) asked the president to back entitlement reform, and to work hard to find consensus. He wants the president to craft a deal on “chained CPI,” which is one area where the White House has shown interest.

Representative Candice Miller (R., Mich.) asked the president to stop playing games with sequestration and reopen the White House for tours.

Representative Steve Scalise (R., La.) brought up energy and jobs, then asked the president to support the Keystone pipeline. Obama told Scalise and the group that he’ll make a decision on Keystone soon.

Representative Peter Roskam (R., Ill.) challenged Obama about his leadership. He described the current political problems in Illinois, and told Obama that he needs to do a better job than Democrats in their state.

Representative Tom Price (R., Ga.) told Obama that he’s taking way too long with the White House’s budget proposal. He rapped the president for being late with his submission, and asked the president to release his plan.

Obama told Republicans that he’ll release his budget in the next few weeks, but warned them to not expect any surprises. He says it’ll reflect his campaign’s platform and the current policies mentioned on the White House’s website.

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