Cuccinelli: McAuliffe ‘Rented Out the Lincoln Bedroom’

by Katrina Trinko

Virginia Republican and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli slammed Democratic rival Terry McAuliffe as an “unabashed liberal” at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday morning.

“He’s been a prolific fundraiser for the Democratic candidates and their local causes,” Cuccinelli said, “and worked with Bill Clinton to rent out the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House.“We want to try to protect the Lafayette bedroom in Virginia from the same fate,” Cucinnelli added, referring to a room in the Virginia governor’s mansion that the Marquis de Lafayette reportedly stayed in.

Cuccinelli may be running in a purple state, but he didn’t tone his conservatism down in his speech, boasting that he had been the first state attorney general to pursue the case against Obamacare, and that he’d never “bow” to liberal pundits.

He also made a pitch for an issue not often heard about in conservative circles: reexamining the length of prison sentences.

“If we really believe no one is beyond redemption, we need to stop throwing away that key,” Cuccinelli argued. “Conservatives should lead the campaign to changing the culture of corrections in America.”

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