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Pope Francis: A View from Argentina



An Argentine acquaintance — a lovely and personable woman who is both a physician and an inventor of medical devices — writes:

I have never met with him in person, but have watched him on TV and in church. We are exhilarated with emotion. My Mom was so shocked she was crying, we did not expect him to be the next Pope. . . .

St. Francis is a favorite saint of mine. His name is a symbol of poverty, of example. [Bergoglio] has shown in his actions that he is austere, he has worked with the poor first hand with humility; I hear his mass and his homily are always simple. . . .

Today we are all celebrating, we hope for the change the church needs and for the example we all seek in the actions and ways of living of our leaders. I believe he lives what he preaches with example. . . .

I am very happy and I pray God guides him.


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