Jindal: ‘Blow Up the Tax Code’

by Katrina Trinko

Governor Bobby Jindal, who is fighting to eliminate the income tax in his state of Louisiana, called on Republicans today to embrace tax reform.

“We should stand for radically simplifying our tax code, not for the benefit of Washington, but to get Washington out of the way,” Jindal said at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

“Let’s blow up the tax code,” he added. “Let’s get rid of those loopholes paid for by the lobbyists. . . . Let’s get rid of those incentives Washington tries to use to coerce our behavior”

“And I’ve got a message for the president and the Democrats in Congress: Tax reform is not about taking more money from the hardworking people of America and sending it to Washington, D.C.,” Jindal continued. “That’s not tax reform.”

He also reiterated his message that the GOP should be focused on “growth,” not “austerity” and should not have an excessive focus on fiscal issues at the federal level.

“I’m not calling for a period of introspection and navel gazing,” Jindal concluded. “I’m calling for us to get busy winning the argument.”

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