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Larry O’Kudlow Will Sham-Rock Your Weekend


Prosperity’s Apostle takes to the airwaves this green weekend to discuss the ups and downs of America’s economy, carried coast to coast over the radio waves from a growing number of stations (check your local listings or listen via the Web here — the festivities start Saturday at 10 a.m. Eastern and wind up at 2 p.m.). This forthcoming edition features a constellation of stars, including Senator Ron Johnson, Representative Kevin Brady, NR Washington editor Robert Costa, Michael Farr, Jack Bouroudjian, Michael Darda, Steve Moore, and Jennifer Rubin. Saints preserve us! — what a lineup. The assembled will chatter, jaw, and just make plain sense out of an array of questions and topics, including: how goes Obama’s GOP charm offensive (and does the prez really want pro-growth corporate-tax reform?), is the big CPAC confab exposing dissension in the conservatives’ ranks, is Detroit going bankrupt, is King Dollar back, is the economy stronger than you think, and is this stock rally really a bubble? (No, says our host!) It’s all great listening, and who knows, maybe Larry will break out in a chorus or two of The Wild Colonial Boy (but no talking about IRAs!). 


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