Walker: ‘Real Reform Happens in Statehouses,’ not Washington

by Andrew Stiles

True conservative reform requires an optimistic, courageous, and relatable message, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker said Saturday at CPAC.

Conservatives lacking for optimism should look to states like Wisconsin, one of 30 with a Republican governor, Walker said. “Real reform doesn’t happen in our nation’s capital; it happens in our statehouses all across this great country.”

According to Walker, Republicans should ensure they don’t get bogged down in the politics of Washington, D.C., where talk of sequesters and debt ceilings and continuing resolutions fails to resonate with Americans across the country struggling in a lackluster economy. And they should have the courage, he added, to tackle entitlement reform and stand up to powerful special-interest groups such as labor unions.

Echoing a theme prominent in many speeches here at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Walker told attendees that conservatives sometimes “think with our head, but we forget to talk with our heart.”

“We have a moral cause,” Walker said. “It’s not just about balancing budgets, it’s not just about getting the economy going again. What we stand for is not about taking things away from people. That’s the other side.”

Walker, who has said he is open to a White House run in 2016, argued that a pro-growth, courageous message would win national support, because “in America, we take the day off and celebrate the 4th of July and not the 15th of April.”

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