CPAC Star Ben Carson, a ‘Registered Independent,’ Pushes for Fiscal Reform

by Patrick Brennan

Dr. Ben Carson appeared on CNN’s State of the Union this morning, and eagerly cast his message as a bipartisan one. His criticism of American politics, the president, and the U.S.’s direction, he said, “when you distill it,” is “not really right stuff or left stuff, it’s logical stuff.” In fact, when pressed, Carson said that he was a “registered independent,” not a Republican, and would be very glad to bring his message to a Democratic convention.

As he explained, “I got a lot of mail from people who said at the outset, ‘I’m a Democrat but I resonate with what you’re talking about.’” In particular, he lamented the disappearance of “harmony” in American politics, and asserted that Americans should look to history to see “what happens to people who don’t control their budgets.”

He also laid the blame for some of growing polarization in politics on the system of presidential elections. He said “the way we elect presidents is not good,” explaining that too many residents of blue or red states see no point in voting, to the point where some sort of reform is necessary.

Carson appeared this weekend at the Conservative Political Action Conference, and had harsh words for President Obama there.

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