On the Eve of CPAC, Romney Huddled with Christie

by Robert Costa

It’ll be years before Mitt Romney endorses another presidential candidate, but he is certainly close with Chris Christie.

According to Republican insiders, the pair had dinner in Boston on Wednesday, March 13. They reportedly talked about politics, Romney’s presidential campaign, and Christie’s upcoming reelection. CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, also came up. Romney flew to Washington, D.C., the following day to speak at the event, which snubbed the New Jersey governor.

The conversation, sources say, was warm and friendly. Friends of both Republicans say they are closer than most people realize.

In the final weeks of last year’s campaign, tensions arose between Christie’s advisers and Romney’s over Christie’s work with President Obama during Hurricane Sandy. After the election, a senior Romney aide told National Review Online that Christie remains unpopular in Romney’s inner circle. “He went out of his way to embrace the president,” the aide complained. “It wasn’t necessary and it hurt us.”

Romney, however, has repeatedly shot down rumors of a rift, and he recently donated to Christie’s 2013 gubernatorial campaign. He also praised Christie during his CPAC speech, citing his work in the Garden State as one of several examples of GOP leadership.

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