Father Knows Best

by Mona Charen

What a rare pleasure — a thoughtful acknowledgment that parenthood involves trade-offs with career and other pursuits — from a man! 

Yes, our own Jim Geraghty, in the Morning Jolt today, had this to say about the Sandberg “lean in” brouhaha: 

Sandberg, Slaughter, and most of the writing on this subject dances around a hard truth: the pace and expectations of the modern work culture mean you can’t be the employee/worker/superstar you want to be and the parent you want to be simultaneously. Something’s gotta give.

When you become a parent, aren’t you effectively declaring to the world, “I cannot be as single-minded about my work as I used to be”?

By the way, “brouhaha” was Vladimir Nabokov’s favorite English word “because it’s the only one that has ‘ha ha’ in it.”

Kudos to Geraghty. This was my take on the Sandberg thesis. 

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