Re: Off Message (2)

by Michael Walsh

Mark, no surprise here. The Left has thoroughly won this narrative — that for the “citizens” of a “country” to assert any intrinsic “rights” is certainly selfish, definitely unfair, and very likely racist. As someone who’s spent his entire career — aside from a decade in Europe — in the blue states, not to mention working in the ultra-blue industries of journalism, literature, and Hollywood, I first saw this one trolling down the pike more than a decade ago when a very liberal friend of mine calmly asserted one evening at dinner that “our” constitutional rights applied equally to everybody else on the planet, and that there ought (one of Leftism’s favorite words, routinely employed to destabilize the status quo) not to be any borders at all. Because, after all, no one has a “right” to anything that everybody else does not also have a “right” to.

Logically, that includes liberals’ various residences, although I suppose they don’t quite see it that way, given the profusion of “armed response” security signs I see on their front lawns all over Beverly Hills, Brentwood, and Bel Air. Such are the internal contradictions, however, of relativistic nihilism. 

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