Lowry: ‘NRA Would Love Mayor Bloomberg to Be the Public Face of Gun Control’

by Nathaniel Botwinick

Rich Lowry explained on Fox News this morning why the National Rifle Association relishes a fight with New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg over gun control. In his view, the “NRA would love, love, love, love Mayor Bloomberg to be the public face of gun control” because of the mayor’s reputation for intrusive government action.

According to Lowry, the key to the NRA’s influence isn’t money, but rather “a wide-ranging membership that is extremely devoted and extremely involved.” The gun-control lobby has so far been unable to counter the NRA because they lack the same popular support on the ground. For instance, Lowry explained, Senator Schumer’s proposed gun-control bill would fail to garner public support once Americans learned the “nitty gritty” details.

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