Sequester Theatrics (FAA Edition)

by Andrew Stiles

On the homepage, I write about the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) questionable approach to implementing budget cuts under sequestration, which critics have suggested is a deliberate effort to annoy the American people with unnecessary travel delays: 

The airline industry has complained that it is caught in the middle of the political fight over sequestration and that the FAA risks interrupting services more than necessary. One industry insider tells National Review Online that the airlines are being used as a “political football” in this debate and suggests that the FAA’s cuts don’t “really have to be done in this way.”

Major airlines, as well as the industry’s leading trade organization, Airlines for America, have drafted legal memos arguing that the FAA can and should exercise greater flexibility in implementing sequestration cuts.

The memos acknowledge that the sequester does impose some rigidity on how spending reductions happen, but also maintain that the FAA has sufficient flexibility to minimize disruptions to essential operations, which the White House budget office has encouraged all federal agencies to prioritize.

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