Rogers: U.S. Involvement in Syria Would Be ‘Much Smaller’ Than Iraq or Afghanistan

by Andrew Johnson

House Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Rogers (R., Mich.) assured the Morning Joe panel today that the United States military’s engagement in Syria would not have to be a large-scale endeavor. “This isn’t Iraq, it’s not Afghanistan: this is much smaller, [a] much more effective” approach to stabilizing the region and the country, Rogers said.

“No one has called for boots on the ground, big military, big involvement, owning the mess when it’s over,” he asserted. Rogers continued to push for bringing small groups with special capabilities to aid, train, and vet the Syrian opposition against Bashar Assad. He said most Americans “wouldn’t [even] see this in the daily news” because it would be so small. He also highlighted the possible diplomatic benefits in the region of responding to the Arab League’s requests for assistance.

Rogers has been warning of the worsening situation in Syria over the past week, particularly the evidence of the Assad regime’s potential use of chemical weapons. “You can’t just hope for a good situation in Syria. It’s just not going to happen,” he said.

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