Former Alabama GOP Candidate Arrested For Shoplifting . . . Again

by Eliana Johnson


Dale Peterson, the former candidate for Alabama county agriculture commissioner, was arrested yesterday — for the second time in six months — for allegedly attempting to steal a bag of cashews from a local Sam’s Club. 
According to
Authorities said Peterson ate a can of cashew nuts, put the empty can back on the store shelf and walked out of the business without paying. Because he walked out of the store with unpaid merchandise – in this instance police said it was in his stomach – his actions constitute theft.
Peterson explained himself via Twitter: 
Back in October, Peterson was arrested after he was stopped by employees of an Alabama Wal-Mart when he tried to push his cart, filled with beer and paper towels, past the cash registers without paying. He claimed he was merely trying to reach the restroom. 
During his 2010 campaign, Peterson starred in a viral ad in which he expressed outrage at “thugs and criminals” trying to “do whatever they want.” “They don’t give a rip about Alabama,” he declared.   

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