N.H. School Bans Dodgeball, ‘Human Target’ Games

by Andrew Johnson

A New Hampshire school district recently voted to eliminate “human target” activities from its schools over concerns about violence and bullying, including dodgeball, “bombardment,” and “slaughter.”

“It’s almost turning into a nanny state,” said the one school-board member who voted against removing the games; the vote tally was four to one for their removal. “What happens when they replace that game with something different that another group doesn’t want to play, do we eliminate that group of games?” he asked

Boston’s WBZ-TV reports that, following some parents’ complaints about bullying taking place during the games, the Windham School Board decided to remove them entirely. The district’s superintendent echoed those sentiments, saying dodgeball and similar games were “inconsistent” with the district’s message to teach students to respect one another.

Parents and students have had mixed reactions to the decision. “You can see how most kids would enjoy it, but you can see how some children are targeted more than others,” said a parent. The district is looking into options to replace the games.

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