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by Jonah Goldberg

Howdy folks. I’m back from almost a week in Southern California. We split things between LA-area (Santa Monica to be specific) and San Diego area (which I may prefer, ever so slightly, on the grounds that it is slightly prettier, has slightly better weather — in the spring, at least — and has more harmless hippies and fewer pretentious hipsters). Thanks to the efforts of our friend and sitcom impresario Warren Bell, I managed to take my daughter to the Kids Choice Awards at the last minute. My daughter liked it a lot. My ears are still ringing (imagine thousands of girls shrieking every time Justin Bieber, One Direction, Big Time Rush, Johnny Depp, Twilight, Nouns, Verbs or Adverbs are mentioned). 

I had planned on writing a G-File this morning, but I was reminded yesterday that the NR office is closed for Good Friday. Stay tuned for next week.

Meanwhile, I’ve got some digging-out to do and some reading-up as well. It’s great to get out of the Beltway, but it’s also hard to get back into it, if you know what I mean. 

I did want to give a heads-up to any NR readers in or around the Colorado Springs area. I’ll be speaking at the Peak Freedom Forum on April 20. So will the great David Harsanyi. Tickets are still available. 

Have a Good Friday and a great Friday too!

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