More Good News from Good Friday

by David French

Thank you, Wesley, for alerting us to Hobby Lobby’s en banc hearing. In more good news, early Friday afternoon my colleagues at the ACLJ won our fifth injunction against the HHS mandate. The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit granted our motion to reconsider its earlier denial of an injunction pending appeal, brought on behalf of Frank and Phil Gilardi and their two companies. At the ACLJ blog, Ed White has the details:

Today, March 29th, we received an order from the appellate court. According to that order, the original three judges who had denied our emergency motion reconsidered their ruling and have now granted our clients an injunction pending appeal.

What this means is that the Mandate does not apply to our clients while their case proceeds on appeal, and they will not have to start paying for products and services on April 1st that run contrary to their religious beliefs.

We’re thankful that in each case that we’ve filed against the mandate, our clients are now protected by injunctions. May that success continue — for our clients and for all other litigants — as these cases proceed onward to the Supreme Court.

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