Jon Stewart Triggers Twitter Bout Between U.S. Embassy in Egypt, Morsi Administration

by Andrew Johnson



After authorities interrogated Bassem Youssef, an Egyptian comedian, for “disrupting public order,” Jon Stewart kicked off his show Monday night by defending the fellow political satirist, and going after President Mohamed Morsi. Youssef, known as Egypt’s Jon Stewart, turned himself in to authorities after a warrant was put out because of jokes he made poking fun at Morsi and Islam. While Stewart’s fans probably got some laughs out of his segment, the U.S. Embassy in Cairo also enjoyed it so much that they shared it on their official Twitter account.

Morsi’s office wasn’t as amused, quickly tweeting back its disapproval to the American embassy on the Office of the Egyptian Presidency’s official account. 


Earlier today, Morsi’s Freedom and Justice Party also spoke out against a U.S. State Department spokesperson who said the government’s charges against Youssef were part of a “disturbing trend” of attempts to limit free speech. The party called it “blatant intervention” by the U.S. in Egyptian affairs.

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