Partisan Perez

by Katrina Trinko

Less than a decade ago, Obama labor secretary nominee Tom Perez wasn’t shy about lambasting Republicans:


In 2005, when Perez was president of the Montgomery County Council, he lambasted them during a council meeting. “Perez, a self-described progressive,” reported the Washington Post, “gave a five-minute speech about how some conservative Republicans do not care about the poor.”

Referring to budget cuts that affected various social programs, including housing, Perez said, “If you thought Ronald Reagan was radical, you haven’t seen nothing yet,” and, “The beast is being starved, and it is a very conscious strategy.” Nor did he shy away from criticizing Republican voters: “I don’t understand the values voter because if you look at the Koran, the Torah, the Bible, there are 10,000 references to social justice.”

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