Another Lawyer Chimes In

by Jonah Goldberg

In addition to the valuable responses from Kevin and David below, I thought this response was interesting as well. From a reader:


I usually don’t comment about comments but the email from that social justice attorney set me off.  I’m sure there will be many who comment about how our government should not be in the business of attempting to even out the disparities in life and how so many people are responsible for their own failures when we have free primary and secondary education and free libraries all across this country that are underutilized by the lazy.

I have a simple starting point for reform which consists of two things

1.        Anyone who pleads guilty to, or is found guilty of, a felony while on disability is automatically ineligible for disability payments.  If they are strong enough to commit a felony they can get to work

2.       A required evaluation, paid for by the government, every two years to determine their current medical status.  If they are better they are off disability.

I have been an attorney since ’96, first as a Public Defender, then a Prosecutor and now I am in private practice.  In all three phases of my career I have been astounded by the numbers of people who are on disability who commit crimes, are incarcerated receiving benefits or who complain about not being able to pay their fines for minor offenses until the monthly disability checks are received.

I am currently a municipal prosecuting attorney in two area cities and it is a running joke with the judge and clerk when people ask for an extension to pay their fine that they are always waiting for their government check.  They commit drug possession, public intoxication, assault, DWI, disorderly conduct etc offenses all of the time.  They can work they just don’t want to.

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