Gingrich Warns about ‘Secular Tyranny’

by Katrina Trinko

Talking about the changing political landscape, former House speaker Newt Gingrich expressed concern today that religious Americans will potentially soon be facing a “secular tyranny.”

“The great danger is that you’re going to see a real drive to outlaw and limit Christianity,” Gingrich said at a National Review breakfast briefing. “It’s okay to be Christian as long as you’re not really Christian. It’s a very serious problem.”

“You can’t actually have an adoption service that’s run by Catholics unless they’re willing to be not Catholic,” Gingrich remarked, alluding to the Catholic organizations that refuse to consider gay couples for adoptive parents and have had to close as a result.

“That should bother people,” Gingrich continued. “You’re now beginning to see a secular tyranny begin to set in that is very dangerous, and we need to have a national debate about it.”

Talking broadly about history, Gingrich mused, there remains a “long struggle between paganism and Christianity. It’s nothing new. Paul wrote about it all the time.”

On gay marriage, Gingrich anticipates that the GOP will be “torn” on the issue, although he expects that most will continue to back traditional marriage.

In contrast, he predicted that Democrats who don’t kowtow to the party line on gay marriage would face a difficult political future in their party.

“What should the Democrats do about the Democrats who have still refused to cave into the gay-rights lobby?” Gingrich asked. “How likely is it that at the 2016 convention a Democrat will be allowed to make a pro-traditional marriage speech? Zero. Maybe a negative number.”

“But we worry about how Republicans will be treated,” he said with a hint of exasperation. “We accept that the Democrats will in fact be tyrants about dissidents.”

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