The Saudi Way

by Andrew Stuttaford

The Guardian reports:

The reported sentencing to paralysis for a Saudi man for a crime he committed as a 14-year-old has been condemned as “grotesque” by the [British] Foreign Office. The punishment, which was reportedly handed down to 24-year-old Ali al-Khawahir for stabbing his friend in the back 10 years ago, should not be carried out, the FCO said. Khawahir will be paralysed from the waist down unless he pays 1m Saudi riyals (£177,000) in compensation to the victim, according to Amnesty International, who quoted reports in Saudi Arabian media. An FCO spokesman said: “We are deeply concerned by reports that a Saudi Arabian court has sentenced a man to be paralysed in retribution for causing the paralysis of a friend when he was 14 years old….


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