Will He or Won’t He?

by Mark Krikorian

I ask in a piece on today’s homepage whether Marco Rubio will lash himself to Chuck Schumer’s amnesty or whether, feeling too much pressure from conservatives, he’ll walk away. For what it’s worth, Marin Cogan at The New Republic thinks he’ll walk:

Of course, he’s only been in office for 27 months—that’s plenty of time still for him to surprise us—but this line from Politico’s report should give immigration-reform hopefuls serious pause: “Either way, in the end, Rubio’s view has evolved from believing that he needed passage in order to be able to display a substantive accomplishment, to believing he will get credit for trying so aggressively.” In other words, it’s a lot easier to walk away, basically unscathed, and portray himself as the reasonable guy who genuinely wanted reform but couldn’t negotiate with the unreasonable Democrats, than it is to stick around and actually get the bill done.

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