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Lee Spokesman: Obama Exploiting Tragedy to ‘Trample on Rights of Law-Abiding Citizens’


In his remarks yesterday on gun control in Colorado, President Obama criticized the Republican senators who have announced their intention to filibuster the gun legislation that Harry Reid is set to bring to the Senate floor. He accused them of trying to “run out the clock” and “change the subject.” 

A spokesman for Senator Mike Lee, one of the five GOP senators who will take part in a filibuster, is pushing back. “What clock? Is the President referring to the amount of time he has to exploit a tragedy in order to trample on the rights of law-abiding citizens?” asks Brian Phillips, Lee’s communications director, in an e-mail to National Review Online.

Phillips says that the administration and Senate Democrats are decrying the filibuster because they understand that, “when the American people have a chance to closely examine these gun control bills, they will oppose them.”


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