Amnesty in Exchange for a Border Plan

by Mark Krikorian

Someone, presumably Rubio, appears to have leaked to Krauthammer a detail from the secret Gang of Eight amnesty plan:

To be sure, the Gang of Eight enforcement trigger is not ideal. The 11 million get near-instant legalization — on the day, perhaps six to nine months after the bill is signed, when Homeland Security submits a plan (with the required funding) to achieve within a decade 90 percent apprehension and 100 percent real-time surveillance.

Ah, a plan. Well, I’m convinced!

Byron York has this reaction:

If Krauthammer’s information is correct, then the Gang has decided to offer legalization to all currently illegal immigrants on the strength of a border-security promise from the Department Homeland Security, whose chief, Janet Napolitano, has spent weeks arguing that the border is already secure.

So, the Schumer/Rubio plan will give immediate amnesty — including work cards, Social Security accounts, driver’s licenses, foreign travel documents — to all the illegals in exchange for DHS dusting off one of the innumerable plans they’ve cooked up over the years. And then, the bill would give all the amnestied illegals full green cards, potentially leading to citizenship, in exchange for DHS saying that the plan has been fulfilled.

A note to any Republican tempted to vote for this joke: Please to be sending me your bank account number, for I am wanting to share some of my inheritance moneys with you upon the death of my uncle, the late King Otumfuo Opoku.

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