GOP Senators Call for Transparency from Gang of Eight

by Eliana Johnson

Four Republican members of the Senate Judiciary — Jeff Sessions, Chuck Grassley, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz — are calling for transparency from their GOP colleagues in the “Gang of Eight” and expressing concern that an immigration reform bill will be rushed through Congress without proper oversight in the form of hearings and robust debate.  

In a letter from the four senators to Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Jeff Flake, the Judiciary Committee members express frustration that the gang has “secretly met for months” without consulting with members of the Judiciary Committee about changes to the country’s immigration laws. “They time for transparency has come,” they say, and ask that their colleagues in form them of the concessions made in the bipartisan negotiations by the close of business on Monday.  

If the Republican members of the gang heed their colleagues on the Judiciary Committee, we may know much more about the forthcoming immigration legislation in just a few days. 

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