The Great Michigan Hope

by Robert Costa

Republican strategist Mike Murphy says Republicans need to put Michigan back on the electoral map, or else risk losing the 2016 presidential election:

Michigan should be an important proving ground for the Republican Party. Next year, Gov. Rick Snyder will be running for re-election, and there will be a heated battle for the U.S. Senate seat left open by Sen. Carl Levin’s retirement.

The national GOP should take a page out of President Obama’s playbook and invest heavily in a field operation that can reach deep into the Michigan voter groups that the party must start winning to prosper. A robust field program in 2014 would build toward a full-court press to put Michigan’s 16 electoral votes into play in 2016.

The GOP needs to reshuffle the deck and expand the presidential playing field. Success in Michigan could become its electoral ace in the hole.

President Obama easily won the state in 2012, beating Michigan native Mitt Romney by nearly 10 percentage points, 54.3 percent to 44.8 percent.

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