Girls Are “Women” to the “Reproductive Rights” Crowd

by Wesley J. Smith

Radical cultural warriors always redefine settled terms and blur crucial distinctions to mask their extremism. Minor (pun intended) case in point: Nancy Northrup, CEO of Reproductive Rights, deftly erases the crucial difference between adults and children in defending the ruling requiring the (perhaps) abortifacient morning-after pill to be sold to anyone of any age, over-the-counter. From her USA Today commentary:

U.S. government has used for more than a decade to impose restrictions motivated purely by politics — not science — that have placed barriers between women of all ages and the emergency contraception of which they sometimes find themselves in urgent need.

Emphasis in the piece.

A 13-year-old girl is not a woman. The transition from one to the other occurs slowly over time, and involves far more than the biological ability to get pregnant. A 15-year-old “woman” can’t consent to have her ears pierced, buy a car, enter an X-rated movie theater, or obtain a tattoo because society protects its children. Or, at least we used to. Alas, parents are the ones treated like children today. 

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