2 + 2 = 5

by Mark Krikorian

The open-borders right continues to insist with a straight face that importing huge numbers of poor people from the developing world into a developed society is an economic winner. For instance, an article today from the American Action Network (Jeb Bush is on the board) claims that increased immigration will be such a driver of economic growth that it will reduce the deficit by $2.5 trillion (conveniently similar to the $2.6 trillion increase in the deficit projected by Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation back in 2007). Of course, the Congressional Budget Office said Obamacare would reduce the deficit, too. Any more deficit reduction like this and we’ll be bankrupt even sooner than expected.

More grounded in reality is a new study out from George Borjas, recognized by the Wall Street Journal and Business Week as America’s leading immigration economist (and occasional NR contributor).

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Obamacare will cut deficit

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