Melissa Harris-Perry ‘Doubles Down’

by Andrew Johnson

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, who is featured in the network’s controversial ad where she advocates for a “collective notion” of raising children, has chosen to “double down,” in her words, with a post on MSNBC’s website: “What I thought was an uncontroversial comment on my desire for Americans to see children as everyone’s responsibility has created a bit of a tempest in the right’s teapot.” She reiterates the premise of the ad and goes on to list different figures that influenced her throughout her upbringing. 

“One thing is for sure,” Harris-Perry concludes, “I have no intention of apologizing for saying that our children, all of our children, are part of more than our households, they are part of our communities and deserve to have the care, attention, resources, respect and opportunities of those communities.”

The ad came under fire from conservatives, including NR’s editor Rich Lowry, who appeared on Fox News this morning to follow up on his column about the ad. Unlike most of MSNBC’s “Lean Forward” ads, he said, “this one stops you cold” because it is “representative of a strain of thought on the left that is extremely disturbing.”

“No one disputes that neighbors are important, community groups are important, schools are important,” he explained. “But the idea that the notion that parents and families have the primary responsibility for their children is an obstacle in some way to those things, or something we have to get over in order for the government to have a larger role is just plain nuts.”

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