The Mean Meme

by Michael Walsh

Good to see that Senator Mitch McConnell has finally figured out what some of us have been shouting for years: The Left plays to win and they don’t much care how they do it. When they say, “by any means necessary,” they mean it.

Speaking of “mean,” that’s what the Mother Jones story by David Corn was meant to illustrate — that by merely discussing, in camera, facts about Ashley Judd made publicly available by the actress herself, Republicans are “mean.” Hey — opposition research is a dirty game, no matter who’s playing it. But by the Left’s lights, any opposition to them or their agenda is simply unacceptable and probably ought to be illegal. Why else would Corn, a hard-left partisan, get all breathlessly exclusive about statements like these:

  • “The good news is, she’s to the far left of every issue she’s taken a public stance on, not just far left, nationwide…[Inaudible.] So you know one of the first themes we can sort of hit on, clearly, is that she openly supports President Obama.”
  • “Clearly a theme that’s easy to hit is that she’s an out-of-touch, Hollywood liberal, and her grandmother, Polly Judd, referred to her as that. She was critical of the party in the ’90s, the traditional Democratic Party, for giving too much support to the center and away from the left… she’s also on the record for climate change and cap and trade.”
  • “I think too she’s clearly sort of anti-sort-of-traditional American family… She described having children as selfish, and she thinks it’s unconscionable to breed. So you put that with what we’ll talk to you later about her sort of pro-choice stance and it’s sort of a, you know, pretty extreme posture to take. She also is critical of, of fathers giving away their daughters in marriage ceremonies. She says it’s a common vestige of male dominion over a women’s reproductive status when her father gives her away at a wedding. And then she’s clearly for pro-abortion.”

Big whoop? Let Corn explain the sheer dastardly meanness of it all:

In her 2011 memoirs, All That Is Bitter & Sweet, Judd recounts her past bouts with depression, noting that she had considered suicide as a sixth-grader and that as an adult she had checked into a rehab center for depression. . . . The McConnell aides, though, raised the possibility of doing more than calling attention to Judd’s well-known history; they discussed how they could make her seem a true weirdo.

As opposed to, say, Mitt Romney

Look, here’s the deal — the point of the story is not to dispute the substance of the conversation, nor defend the lady’s honor (she’s a fine actress and may well have proved to be a tough opponent for McConnell, which is why the senator’s team was taking her seriously), but simply to show that the GOP is trying to defeat Democrats. That’s it. 

As the Mother Jones story ripples through the rest of the compliant, complicit media, the takeaway won’t be the substance of the story, or lack of it. It will be: Those mean Republicans, blah, blah, blah. In other words, it’s not a story in the old journalistic sense. It’s a meme-reinforcer. And that’s how the Democrat-Media Complex plays the game; even a nothing-burger story like this can be used as a club with which to pound the opposition, with the ultimate goal of delegitimizing them completely.

And if you think the MSM is going to take the slightest interest in whether McConnell’s office was bugged by Democrat operatives, you’re smoking crack. After all, if they don’t care about murder, because it doesn’t fit the narrative, why should they care about a third-rate bugging?